Friday, December 22, 2006

Reverent hesitating gestures

Reverent hesitating gestures
of delicate fragility play on our mutual fingertips.
Reciprocal gravity drives unending inward spiral
Into unlikely intersection of whole persons.

Attrition is the time and place of our union,
The present instance of our love.
Touching is symmetrical, shared
A single act of touching – two in one touch.

Looking in each other’s eyes
                                       Is touching
As the surface of your thought becomes
The surface of my thought

Kissing is a special form of touching
Where we renounce speaking –
Bodies become Words
And speak themselves

As the surface of your silence becomes
The surface of my silence


Untouching is done carefully,
With solemn pause.

we incorrectly feel small and     lost

Saturday, December 09, 2006

The bustle in a house

(by Emily Dickinson)

The bustle in a house
The morning after death
Is solemnest of industries
Enacted upon earth, –

The sweeping up the heart,
And putting love away
We shall not want to use again
Until eternity.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Today your body sparkles

Today your body sparkles
With a thousand languages
Some archaic and mysterious
Some disturbing and new

Here your body irradiates
With a thousand atoms
All pregnant with bearing
The wholeness of you

Always your body listens
With a thousand gestures
Some giving, some taking
Bonding in two

Together your body blossoms
With a thousand gifts
And an ocean of glory
Seems to shine through