Friday, September 01, 2006

Vertigo of Now

This is not really a blog; it's simply a collection of poems.

As the header description says, some almost-poetry that's been in my drawer for too long. I don't hold it in any sort of high regard... I'll just admit I kind of like small bits of some of my poems, even though there are many obvious flaws to them.

Feel free to comment if there's anything you find interesting.

I also plan to include some poetry written by other people, i.e., some of the poems that inspire me and, well, humiliate me by their perfection and their supernatural qualities...

I called it Vertigo of Now because 'Now' is the moment where our life kisses reality - sometimes thrillingly, sometimes solemnly,... it is the only moment for freedom and therefore the only moment for love. I like poems that are a sort of photography of the soul: they capture one instant for contemplation. And the contemplation of souls inspires awe.

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