Thursday, October 12, 2006

(so may pains in the heart

(so may pains in the heart
never made it stop until now)
as life rudely flees from me
as my legs give way
to the abrupt weight of the body
which starts to fall helplessly
impolitely with noise to the ground
(and in a few days it will break through
the ground, silently, politely)

and my falling brain spins slightly
on top of a carelessly relaxed neck
(in a few days resolutely stiff,
and then disintegrated)
and my eyes roll up to show me
that shelf I must fix some day
(but there’s so much on my mind,
and so little time)

as my knees hit the floor
sideways, painlessly,
(there is only one pain now,
only one problem)
I realise there will be no return
from this inopportune descent
(I had never noticed it,
but my life is complete)

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